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Prince Harry
The playboy Prince secretly proposed to Cressida Bonas
Are you ready for another Royal Wedding? Sources say Prince Harry will be announcing his engagement to Cressida Bonas very soon. “But first he needs to go through certain royal protocols, such as asking his grandmother’s permission,” the insider explains. “Palace sources say there’s not been a formal request made to her majesty yet, but the fact we’re hearing about it means it’s likely he’s already popped the question and they’re waiting until all the boxes are ticked before formally announcing it.”
Cressy’s a Keeper
Harry should easily secure approval for the willowy 24-year-old blonde, a member of Britain’s aristocratic Curzon family, and who met Harry through his cousin, Princess Eugenie.
“It’s no secret the queen would dearly love to see her roguish grandson settle down, and she thinks Cressy is his ideal match,” the insider tells OK!. “She likes that [Cressy] comes from a good family, plus she has a twinkle in her eye that reminds [the queen] of her sister, the late Princess Margaret.”
William and his wife, Duchess Kate, are squarely in Cressy’s camp, the insider says, and Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, “thinks she’s a total dish.”
Clearly, Cressy has tamed the rowdy redhead notorious for his hard partying. “They’ve got a brilliant connection and she totally gets him,” says the insider. “She’s so relaxed and laid-back; the opposite of his ex, Chelsy Davy, a high-maintenance nightmare. Harry’s completely smitten.”
He’s also envious of Wills and Kate, whose 7-month-old son, Prince George, was the star attraction over the holidays.
“Seeing how happy his brother is now and how amazing his nephew is,” the insider tells OK!, “Harry wants all that for himself.
Marriage means Harry and Cressy kiss their past lives goodbye.
“Harry has realized that you can only get so much from partying up a storm,” an insider tells OK!, “and the real joy and quality of life comes from family.”
Cressy quit dance studies at London’s Trinity Laban Conservatoire. “She’ll be expected to focus on her role as a royal princess,” says our insider. “It’s a full-time job.”
A Smaller Royal Wedding
Between Prince Charles’ sons, Harry may be more inclined to over-the-top behavior, but his wedding would be decidedly more subdued than William’s. “There’s no way it will be as huge,” a source tells OK!. “The heir to the throne was always going to be a huge spectacle with pomp and circumstance.”
However, Harry’s nuptials also will be held at Westminster Abbey, and public interest will be just as intense — if not more so.
“Harry is unbelievably popular with the British public because of his naughty behavior,” says the source. “There’s not a Brit alive who won’t want to witness this event.”
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The Best Italian Spot: Panorami!

The Best Italian Spot: Panorami!


Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of three European and one African countries: Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco. In 2010 itwas included in the World Cultural Heritage 'by UNESCO.

The father of the Mediterranean diet was Dr.. Lorenzo Piroddi (Genoa 1911-1999), whowas the first to realize a connection between nutrition and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and bulimia.

The Mediterranean diet has a high consumption of bread, fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, olive oil, fish and wine and is based on a paradox: people living in Mediterranean countries consume quantities 'quite high in fat but l' use of olive oil, animal fats offsets. Olive oilseems to lower levels of blood cholesterol is, it is argued, moreover, that the moderate consumption of wine during meals (one glass per meal), is another protective factor forthe antioxidants present in it.

According to various studies, carried out by famous American scientists, the Mediterranean diet, decreases the rate of mortality due to coronary artery by more than 50%. According to these studies, the positive diet has protective effects on the brain, helping to prevent cognitive decline. Not only that, the Mediterranean diet reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer's disease.

The eating healthy is also good

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Amalfi Coast

One of the most beautiful beach on the Amalfi Coast


The beauty is at home in Ravello, as well as love for art and music.
Only in the last two centuries his parterre of honor boasts illustrious names in music such as Wagner , Grieg, Rostropovich , Toscanini , Bernstein, in the field of painting as Escher, Turner , Miro and even great writers from Lawrence to Forster to Virginia Wolf .

It is no coincidence that today this place on the Amalfi Coast guests big cultural events such as the Ravello Festival and chamber music concerts organized by the Ravello Concert Society.

Noble lineage , Enchantress of nations, Ravello awaits the traveler from the maritime countries of the Amalfi Coast decides to turn up and joins her on her rocky outcrop 350 meters above sea level .

The Cathedral dominates the square of the Bishop and welcomes the traveler with a splendid portal in bronze bas-reliefs which was released in 1179 and then brought to Constantinople by sea up to this village on the Amalfi Coast.

Villa Rufolo. The tower that overlooks the square of the Bishop once served as a lookout at Villa Rufolo , one of the jewels of art that made ​​him famous Ravello and the Amalfi Coast in the world. Wagner was a guest here in 1880 while he was composing Parsifal and was so impressed by the charm of the place to write " The enchanted garden of Klingsor has been found."

Falling in love for Ravello and the unique natural landscape of the Amalfi Coast : this is the origin of Villa Cimbrone , visionary work of the English lord William Beckett who in 1904 bought the land on which stood an old abandoned mansion and turned it into a place fantastic fusing different styles and periods , archaeological finds and travel memories.

Other places and monuments to visit in Ravello :
Coral Museum .
Church of San Giovanni del Toro.
Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo .
Church of San Francesco .
The Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer

Ravello emphasizes its role as a place devoted to culture as a bridge between past and future, thanks to the presence of the Auditorium created by one of the legendary names in international architecture , Oscar Niemeyer.
A powerful construction and lightweight at the same time , like a blank sheet of paper placed on the hill and inflated by the wind, which houses a large hall with 400 seats dedicated to concerts and artistic events on the Amalfi Coast .

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most important tourist destination in Italy and was designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.
It offers stunning scenery and tourist services of the highest quality, especially in its main towns of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello.
HolidayInAmalfi provides you with all the necessary amenities to make your perfect holiday on the Amalfi Coast.
For your stay you can choose between: apartments, houses, villas, hotels, holiday cottages and B & B ... , all designed for your needs!
We offer customizable packages for your excursions to explore the Amalfi Coast and the main tourist attractions of the area.
And then scooter hire service and a car with driver, shuttle service to and from airports and train stations.
Everyone has a place in the front row in the spectacle of the Amalfi Coast.

A bit of history - Amalfi Coast

Many old legends tell of the founding of the Amalfi Coast, which underwent many different vicissitude but always guided by fliexible divine or higher will. All these legends date the town back ro roman times and are confirmed by recent archaeological finds from the age of late imperial Rome.Critical analysis of these finds shows that the Amalfi coast was settled around the fifth century AD when the Germanic tribes invaded the plain of Campania .The refugees from the Roman townships thet were now at the mercy of the barbarianstook refuge in the Monti Lattari.It was here that they founded the fist villages and in particular Scala. Then the refugees moved down to the valley and boult the towns of Amalfi and Atrani.They started to travel by sea and built up intense trade with North Africa and the Middle East.
However, at the beginning of the roman empire the nobiles of the senatorial class began to build patrician villas along the cosat anfd hills because the emperor Tiberius had decided to live more or less permanently on the island of Capri. These villas were located in the island of Gallo Lungo, Positano, Minori and Tramonti.
From 839 to 1131 the Amalfi coast , which corresponds to the present day Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri and part of the area around the Vesuvius, became a self governing republic. This territory not only included the coast from Cetara to Positano but also the chain of the Monti Lattari. This land was well protected by an intricate network of castle and towers. These fortifications date back to different periods and were built for different purposes..The castle were the oldest type of fortification and go bach to the time of the indipendent republic ( 839-1131). they werer mostly distribuited on the hights peaks in the areas of Stabia, Scala, Ravello and Tramonti. there was and another line of fortresses half way down the coast which mainly provided refuge for the populations of the costal areas in the event of attacks from the sea.
The maritime towns of the Amalfi Coast republic still have traces of an architecture that was influnced by the Arabs and Byzantium. We call thi style "maritime" because it is closely connected with maritime activities. The most strikingexample of this architecture is without doubt the Amalfi dockyard. This is a medieval shipyard in which the war galleys were built.
The layout and architecture of the four main civitates of the maritime duchy, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello and Scala. were dominated by dwelling of the aristocracy that political and ecclesiastical power and ran the economy.These dwellings were up to five storeys in height and had sloper or dome-shaped roofs.They comprised an entrance hall porticoes and colonnades, a main hall with a large  fireplace, and a kitchen on the last floor. On the outside walls there were WCs with terracotta pipes that drained into rivers or the sea.Importanto remain of other dwellings can also be seen  in Vagliendola district, those of Via Pietro Capuano and around the Piazze del Municipio square in Amalfi, The palazzi in Ravello belonging to the Rufolo, Confalone families and others...
The religious faith of the people is not reflected in the territory of the medieval duchy, but also in the overseas coloniens in byzantium, Antioch and Jerusal where many Beneditine monasteries were founded by people form Amalfi.Some of the Benedidtine monasteries in Amalfi Coast still etain fine fresco cycle from High Middle Ages, most of each show Byzantine influences. Cistercian and Franciscan monasteries were were founded between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries at Amalfi , Ravello, Maiori, Tramonti and Cetara.