Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Uno dei piaceri del viaggio è immergersi dove gli altri sono destinati a risiedere, e uscirne intatti, riempiti dell'allegria maligna di abbandonarli alla loro sorte.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Caro Papa Francesco vorrei che tutti all'interno della chiesa avessero la tua umilta' che ti rende cosi' umano da capire le sofferenze di chi ti circonda, ma allo stesso tempo cosi' grande da infondere tanta speranza nei cuori dell'umanita'! Tu ci mostri un Dio , un Cristo a cui poco importa delle apparenze, delle false illusioni, delle grandi teologie. Un Padre (Dio) che ha sacrificato il suo figlio prediletto per amore dell'intera umanita' non e' umilta' questa! Dio si e' fatto uomo per noi! Diventiamo anche noi piu' "umani" per gli altri. E questo e' il mio augurio per tutti di una Santa e Serena Pasqua.

Buongiornoooooooooooo MOndo!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

we suggest a day from the life of about 6 hours where we will take you to discover our environmental heritage and cuisine.

The program will be as follows:

Appointment 8.30 from Piazza Flavio Gioia (Amalfi) with specialized guide.

Direction Valle delle Ferriere. From there, after stopping to admire the beauty of unchanged dazzling waterfalls, the oldest and most famous mills and after taking some pictures, we will continue to Pogerola lovely village renowned for its tranquility and fresh air and healthy. Here you will stop for lunch at the oldest restaurant on the coast, where, thanks to the authenticity of the owners who run it, you will eat the most typical and genuine this land has to offer. After lunch, a shuttle will be waiting for your return to Amalfi.

Casa Azzurra is the ideal solution for couples.

The apartment consists of a bedroom with kitchenette and a large bathroom.

The highlight is the fantastic terrace, from where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea.

The cost are per week , but the apartment in the low and mid season it is also available for 3 nights stays .


Apartment located in the heart of the town of Amalfi. A few steps from the beach, buses and ferries, as well as the natural and artistic beauty.

The recently renovated apartment consists of a kitchen, a large living room with a comfortable sofa bed, a bedroom, a bathroom with shower. The premises are air-conditioned.

Contact us now for a quote


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Villa del Sole is located less than 2 km from the center of the center of Amalfi , in the Great alberghi.La villa consists of 5 bedrooms , 2 with private entrance and all facilities . Swimming pool and private access to the sea make this villa the perfect destination for large families and groups of friends who want to spend their vacation in full autonomy and free from constraints. It offers 2 parking spaces in the car park.


Parking is included in the cost of the villa.

For those who like the linen with weekly cleaning fee is Euro 100.00

Electricity is extra to pay , according to consumption .

Upon arrival a deposit of Euro 600.00 , which will be returned at end of stay barring any property damage.

The scheduled time for check-in is from 16.00 to 20.00 . ( For arrivals outside of these hours there is an additional charge of Euro 25.00 )

The scheduled time for check out is at 10:00


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The regatta of the ancient maritime republic - Amalfi Coast

The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of three European and one African countries: Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco. In 2010 itwas included in the World Cultural Heritage 'by UNESCO.

The father of the Mediterranean diet was Dr.. Lorenzo Piroddi (Genoa 1911-1999), whowas the first to realize a connection between nutrition and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and bulimia.

The Mediterranean diet has a high consumption of bread, fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, olive oil, fish and wine and is based on a paradox: people living in Mediterranean countries consume quantities 'quite high in fat but l' use of olive oil, animal fats offsets. Olive oilseems to lower levels of blood cholesterol is, it is argued, moreover, that the moderate consumption of wine during meals (one glass per meal), is another protective factor forthe antioxidants present in it.

According to various studies, carried out by famous American scientists, the Mediterranean diet, decreases the rate of mortality due to coronary artery by more than 50%. According to these studies, the positive diet has protective effects on the brain, helping to prevent cognitive decline. Not only that, the Mediterranean diet reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer's disease.

The eating healthy is also good

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Located about 400 meters above sea level, Scala is the oldest town of the Amalfi Coast. Although it was never recorded history , tradition has it that the town was founded in the fourth century by the Romans, shipwrecked in the area while they were on their way to Constantinople. Fortified bulwark part of the defensive system of the territory of Amalfi , followed the fortunes of the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi. Was a bishopric 987-1818 . In 1073, after a long siege , was set on fire by Robert Guiscard ; suffered , then , looting and destruction at the hands of the Pisans , the troops of Brass Brunswick ( 1210 ) and after the famous Sicilian Vespers ( 1283 ) . She gave birth to Gerardo de Saxo , in the eleventh century founder of the Hospital , which later became the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta.
It ' a country with an ancient history ( the height of its economic counted over 130 churches) , rich in monuments of great value from the point of view of art and historical , could also boast of a natural heritage of fact , woods of chestnut , the lush vegetation of the State Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere , the terraces cultivated with lemon and hanging cherry tomatoes .
Among the sites of interest , we suggest :
- The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the original structure, which dates back to the XII century in Romanesque style, has undergone alterations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries , preserving , however , the original portal. The interior is divided into three naves , is finely decorated with stucco and a ceiling painted with scenes from the life of the Holy (1748) . In the beautiful gothic style crypt is preserved sarcophagus colored stucco of Marinella Rufolo , built in 1332 by her husband Antonio Coppola, a wooden group of the thirteenth century and other ancient sculptures .
- The Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer , now entrusted to the Order of Redemptorists founded by the venerable Sister Celeste Crostarosa after his meetings with St. Alphonsus Maria de ' Liguori .
- The Chapel of St. Alphonsus , in which is preserved the small cave where St. Alphonsus retired in meditation ;
- Palazzo Mansi - D'Amelio , with late- eighteenth-century façade ;
- The ruins of the Church of Saint Eustace, in the village of Petite , with ancient origins dating back to the twelfth century ;
- The Church of the Annunciation, in the village of Petite , dating from the twelfth or thirteenth century . And ' preceded by a nice porch where the parliament met in the city ;
- The Arab Bath in the village of Petite , not far from the ruins of the Church of Saint Eustace , consisting of small rooms for the various phases of the cold bath , warm and hot.
- The Church of St. Catherine, in the homonymous village , inside which is a wooden statue of the Saint and the two paintings of Saint Lucia and Sorrento ;
- The ruins of the Church of San Cataldo , in the locality of the Capitol, with the adjoining former Benedictine monastery , now the Institute of Danish art and culture , established in 1909 by Charles Wiindsteatd ;
- The Church of the Annunciation, in the locality of the Capitol ;
- The Church of St. John the Water, dating from the twelfth century , with fine marble remains and an elegant bell tower with three floors ;
- The Church of St. Peter, in the homonymous village , belonging to the noble family Trara and containing memories of the family of Fra ' Gerardo Sasso . Inside there is a beautiful statue of St. Michael, donated in 1358 by Paul de Saxo , a bas-relief of St. Catherine (XIV century ) , a tombstone of the fourteenth century the family Trara , and an altar of the sixteenth century .
- The remains of the Palace de Saxo , in the hamlet of St. Peter ;
- The remains of the Church of Santa Maria della Neve , in the hamlet of St. Peter ;
- The Church of St. John the Baptist , in the village of Pontoon , dating from the twelfth century with a bell tower in the Moorish style ;
- The Church of St. Philip Blacks , in the village of Pontoon , dating from the tenth century and altered in later centuries ;
- The Bishop's house in the village of Pontoon , whose ancient medieval structure is still visible , despite the collapses ;
- The Church of the Madonna del Carmine , in the village of Pontoon , a rare example in the Amalfi Coast of religious building built according to the dictates of the Counter-Reformation ;
- The Torre dello Ziro , in the village of Pontoon , cylindrical in shape , located on the spur of Mount Pontoon between Amalfi and Atrani, the most advanced part of the fortification of the ancient castle of Scalella .
- The State Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere , along the river Canneto , in a wide valley between the mountains of Scala , on the border with Amalfi and Agerola. Here the tropical vegetation typical of the Azores or India is intertwined with the Mediterranean nostrana . Unique pieces such as " Woodwardia radicans " , a giant fern and the " Pinguicola hirtiflora " , a carnivorous plant with pink flowers , enrich the reserve.
- The Cave of La Scala, along the valley of the river Dragone , characterized by dark dolomitic limestone of Lower Cretaceous and formed when the Sorrento-Amalfi peninsula was situated at height differences less than at present .